Slipping Away

Howdy! I’ve been working on this project for a little bit now and thought it was finally time to bring it out to blink in the sunlight for a bit :wink: I started working on this project in blender, straight away. A little bit in, I decided I needed to sketch out my idea before I got too far in.
This is the concept I sketched out in gimp in about an hour and a half. I’m actually pretty proud of this, for my first attempt in painting on the computer. :smiley:

I also believe a have a decent start on the rock in blender. It’s got a long way to go and i’m still using some stand-in hdr lighting because I’m lazy. I’ll properly light the scene later, I guess. I’m currently working on the pile of soil. That seems to be the sticking point at the moment. I’m trying to make it in a way that won’t make my computer choke, but still looks good.

I’d like your opinion of

A) The general concept of the piece
B) The composition of the piece
C) The material on the rock

PLEASE BE BRUTALLY HONEST!!! I am trying to make the best scene I can, so anything you point out will be greatly appreciated.

bring the colors of the ground into the edge of the water a little bit. also the froth seems a bit strong unless it is supposed to be moving quite fast.
(edit) also, technically this should be in the ‘traditional’ section, even though it’s done on a computer.

I’m sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear. The painted image is my concept image from which I will be basing my blender scene. The rock down below is what I have in blender so far. This is, in fact, a blender project. I just like having a reference to check the validity of my idea before I jump knees deep into blender. Sorry for the confusion!

oh, my bad. haha. I should have realized that.

I edited my original post for clarity now. Hopefully that helps!

I’ve set up some basic lighting and modelled the sprout. Once I get that material done, I think the next challenge to tackle is the pile of soil. I’ll save the water sim until later, when I can do it on a school computer, which is miles better than mine.