Sloan Digital Sky Survey animation

Hi everybody,

This is a movie of a fly-through the Universe. It is based on data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. The “scene” contains ~400,000 galaxies.

Positions and textures were loaded with the python API.

In order to display that many galaxies I created 256 galaxy templates covering the color-concentration-type parameter space using some fancy sampling schemes. Each of the 400,000 galaxies was then matched to it closest template in parameter space so there are only 256 objects each with lots of quads with the same texture.

Elliptical galaxies were rendered using point sprites. I lined several sprites in order to create a fake 3D ellipsoid. It is a cheap trick but works very well.

The video has become quite popular, it has almost 1 million views in 3 weeks.

The same in 3D (anaglyph):



It’s a wonderful work, though…

it has almost 1 million views in 3 weeks.

… it does make me wonder what I’m doing wrong ! :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: I really like your work.