slooooooow smoke preview?

May be im missing something but i cant recall my quick smoke to be unbearable slow! about a minute per frame. Havent done smoke sim in a long time, but cant recall it being this unbearable or unusable.

Perhaps it my system?

Resolution is set to 24 thats all i can think of doing?

Does anybody know of what else i can do.

“Quick” smoke does not mean it previews quickly. It means it’s a quick shortcut to set up the basics of a standard smoke sim. How fast it plays back in your viewport depends on how heavy your scene is and how beefy your computer is.

I realise that, it just wont play back or even bake, i cant remember it being so unusable. It seems i may have to use video explosion and composite.

I don’t know anything about your computer specs so I can’t tell you. It works just fine for me on my computer, and terribly on the crappy computer I’m on right now. It’s all down to how well your computer can handle it.

my older computer never had this problem, 2.69 is the same. Theres something buggy hear. Since im only a hobbyist i guess ill move onto something else. Thanks for your response.

its not blender but linux. thanks for the help

One thing that might help is to look at the Cache settings, so that a sim is not being recalculated all the time. But … “a minute per frame, for smoke? Bzzzzzttt … I ain’t buyin’ it. And I’m not callin’ it a bug, either. Something is telling Blender to work much too hard.” Maybe “way too many particles?” (But even so, it’s only “particles.”)

I’ve made smoke come out of a chimney many a time using nothing more than a plane with a noise-texture on it, suitably blurred. If it’s a quick, passing shot, “good 'nuf.”