Slope of an edge?

Hello. I’m making a curved shape in which the slope gradually decreases to 0. Is there any way for me to find out the slope of an edge in 2 dimensions other than to plug the coordinates into the formula? Or is there perhaps a tool that make a curve with specified parameters? Thanks in advance.

You could fire up blender 2.48 (2.49?) and use meta-androcto’s BAG script.
(script ). Can’t tell if there’s something for parametric curve creation in 2.6 and haven’t aware of any measurement tools, not to count edge length numeric display.
Measure panel addon does surface calculations on top of that.

If you’re using a more recent version of Blender, go into ‘File–>User Preferences’, then to the ‘Addons’ tab. In ‘Add Mesh’, enable ‘Extra Objects’, and when you hit shift-a in the 3D window, you should get more meshes to select from, two of which are math functions that might help.