Slow down an animation

Hello, I have a rigged character with a walk loop animation of 32 frames.
I was looking for a way to make it gradually ‘fade out’ until it stops.
Like start the animation at 100% speed and end it at 0%.
Is it possible? How can I do that?
I was trying with Actions but I couldn’t, also scaling the Graph Editor with a proportional editing but I didn’t work.
Any idea?
Thank you!

I believe walk loop animation have no pose where the character is at rest, stopped.
And the speed you talk about isn’t for the character to slow down and stop, but the space between keyframes, not changing anything into positions.
You need to setup a “stopped” state.

By setting and saving a “stopped” pose in the pose library (Maybe the rest pose of the rig would be good enough).

You can use keyframes method, add the saved pose before and after the walk cycle.

If you want to mix actions (like walk loop, jumps…) you should look into the NLA editor.
Bit tricky at first, but you can mix different actions, like converting your actual walk animation into a clip like in a video editor.
Then you set up others actions and mix them ( For your needs you will set a walk action clip and a stopped action clip).

Good luck !

Thank you for your reply, but I think it’s not what I’m looking for.

I want my character to walk at a normal speed at the beginning and very slow at the end of the animation. I think I don’t want a ‘stopped’ pose or change to one start to another.

Mostly I want to stretch my curves not homogeneously, but gradually. Non stretch at the beginning, a lot of stretch at the end.

Is it clear?

Ha sorry, wasn’t sure there was misinterpretation on the topic.

Do you have a lot of frames keyframed ?
If you set current frame at 16, and with prop edit tool, select all frames on one side and scale them do you get some sort of slowdown ?

Will probably be hard to not fix space between steps manually (Or without NLA where you can duplicate the walk cycle and use it at different speed mixed together).

Yes, no problem.
I have a lot of keyframes, so it’s difficult to scale.
If I scale all frames from one side, I will scale it homogeneously, right? I need something like proportional editing fall off, but it didn’t work in the Graph Editor, or I can’t use proportional editing as I went.
Or maybe charge all animation in one curve and then modify it easily.
Orad a modifier to my animation so it will be all 100% speed at the beginning and 0% at the end.

I think I need to do something like this:

But this add-on doesn’t work with rigged character as I see.
I also found an option in the output properties/time remapping, but I can’t animate it or increase the speed.
Any idea?

Thank you!

Yeah the video is about dynamic simulation where you can easily tweak the speed.

Did not knew about that interesting Time Remapping :nerd_face:

Time Remapping
Use to remap the length of an animation.


The length in frames of the original animation.


The length in frames the new animation will last.

But you can’t keyframe this properties (At least with right clicking on them) so the modification will be tottally linear.