Slow down animation

I have this (for me anyway) complicated animation.
trouble is it is a bit too fast.
other than moving every IPO little dot.
is there a simple way to slow it all down at once?
I tried Box selecting all the poinsts from a time on - didn’t work.
there is a smooth function - is there a slower function?


use scale (like in 3d, just hit s, and scale :D) If you hit s + x, it’ll only scale horizantally (slow or speed) and s + y only scales vertically (degree, sharpness of action). i believe shift + f or something or maybe shift +c or s or somthing, i don’t know, but it it opens a self explanatory snap menu. By the way, you know that when they are white you are in ‘object mode’ and tabbing puts the active ipo into ‘edit mode’ (that’s what i callem :))

Going into Key mode might also help. K key in the IPO editor. It allows you to move the keyframes around as one. Not as Bezier Curves

I am soooooooooooooo glad you looked at my problem.
thanks sooooooooooo much!