slow down(I cant find out why :-( )

I am making a game (strategy) like war craft or star craft.
and after a wile I get this hudge slowdown(fps)(when I run the game)
and I got 2-3 objects in it(real smale objects).
I found out that it slows when klicking on right mouse buttum.
but I dont know why.
I gave it to a friend and he hade no problem with it.
here the file is

It works fine here. I get a framerate around 85 and 5% logic. Have you’ve tried to update your displaydrivers or mayby borrow an another gfxcard. It seems to have something to do with your system.

By the way: Your game looks very promising.


Thanks I think it is my card.(I got a 3D Blaster 4 Ti4200 and 512 ram. well if its just me il just put in the old card and check meybe i just need to farmatere.its a bit full now to and that make it go slow :wink: )

Thanks :smiley:

I’ve seen something like this happen before, but I have no idea what the cause is.

it is odd that logic is taking up so much time…
(I believe I saw similar)

solutions: less logicbricks? I don’t know really, I find it odd when something goes from 90fps to 9 without a good reason…

I also tested it, and nothing was wrong. I runs on 60 frames a second. No slowdown on right click. :smiley:

I made a new one and there was no problem at all :smiley: .
But I hate that those problem comes