slow down the frs/sec on saved animation

i have my animation saved as an avi jpeg animation and its saved at 25 frs/sec, but thats still too fast, is there a way to slow it down a little bit without having to save it all over again?

You can use the speed control in the video sequencer.

Do a search on “speed control” on the wiki page.

yes i know how to do that, i already saved my animation so that i can be viewed in windows media player, what i want to know is how to change the frs/sec on an already saved animation or if its at all possible to do that without having to resave my animation (which takes like three hours)

To embelish on what Atom said, start a new blend file, in user settings System set the Mem Cache Limit to a big number. Switch to Sequcne layout. Import your existing AVI as a strip. Use the speed control, and resave the animation in a different file. It will take a few seconds to resave it.

oh ok, i get what your saying, i thought he was saying go back to the blend file and save it back again. my mistake, ill try what you’re saying.