slow FPS then stops

While experimenting with BGE i have some objects moving, no textures, one light
That’s it. When i start the game engine it starts at about 200 FPS then the FPS starts to fall, about 3 minutes later i am at 8 FPS. A dialog box appears saying that it must shut down sorry etc, What am i doing wrong?


That happens with me alot too! How many verticies do the objects have? Because if you have over about 5000 it goes really bad. Also there is a way to get around it and do what they did on yoFrankie called group where you import the character into the level without the object or armature being in there. I’m trying to figure that out…

I am talking of 2 objects totaling 258 faces, something is off that’s for sure


Never had this sort of problem, check your video drivers ( if they are up to date etc. )