Slow FPS when objects are near | Directional bullet | Slow wireframe mode

Hi! Sorry for the long title. :smiley: I’m having trouble with my game right now and I pretty much need help with it.

  1. Game gets slow when enemy objects (Red box) gets near
  2. I’m having trouble making my bullet strictly directional. I’m trying to shoot while strafing and the bullet directions seems weird.
  3. While I’m in the editor and pressed Z. My 3D editor gets slow.

Any help will do. Thanks! :wink:

EDIT: I forgot to include the blend file. Here it is! :slight_smile: Thanks again!prototype.blend (1.9 MB)

A .blend would be helpful, because these problems are a bit vague.

You could do something like this in this picture.

Then use lod on your characters.


  1. Check you don’t have too many near sensors. Near sensors are expensive, and usage peaks when the object/radius 1-norm boundaries are intersecting (which may or may not be when the near sensor actually triggers)
  2. Make sure it’s local motion. If you are outrunning your bullets, you possibly want to impart some of the characters velocity into the bullets. This will probably have to be done in python, or simply make it so that when the player is pressing the ‘move left’ key the player adds a bullet that travels left slightly faster
  3. Yeah, wire-frame is slower. It may be something to do with CPU vs GPU or it may be some reason I don’t have the openGL (or blender) knowledge to understand.