slow game start

my mesh is really comp[licteed so whenever i stsrt blender it takes a REALLY long time to load. does anyone know how to fix this

are you using 2.49 RC2?
If so I think it is normal as they rised the amount of stuff to load before startup for better ingame performance.

There’s no “fixing” this. The model’s information (vertices, faces, textures, shaders, etc.) all have to be converted in a form useable by the game engine and put into appropriate spots in memory. This can take awhile for large meshes (>10000 faces will usually take quite a bit). Just like in most games, large levels take a long time to load.

The “solution” to this would be to make your model have less faces. Individual models really shouldn’t exceed a few thousand faces.

I guess avoid shadows, shadings as much as possible, No collision (and a collision box/mesh if you need physics). But somehow the data has to be converted to the GE, the only way to really speed it up without editing the source is to lessen the amount of data that has to be converted.

If possible use instances…

try 2.49rc2, there are a few significant speedups with game loading.

how can i simplify the vertices?

did you test this with 2.49rc? how many faces are in your scene?

its just one figure with WAY too many faces. i made the face count less but the vertices are still overwhelming