Slow Juicy Oranges Lava Lamp /// satisfying perfect loop metaballs particles

After turning on my time machine I went back a few years and recorded that endless lavalamp on location and on time and was fascinated from the spot on and could never look away or notice if it was all the all over or all over the same or different every time the times are different…
Does anybody really need to know, do you have to know everything you want to know and do you know what you think you know while everything is in constant motion and ever changing within the blink of an eye. Blink once and you missed an important element of change and that could change your life but you are too busy to even notice…

fun exercise in lighting and playing with and looping particles

Made with blender 3.2
Music by tt

find my previous animation here:

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Looks great. Love the colors :heart_eyes: