slow menus on laptop

I’ve justed downloaded latest version of Blender to my e-machine laptop (M5312) & then menus are re-drawing VERY slowly! Anyone have any advice?

The display ATI RADEON IGP 320M.

Thanks in advance.

Get the newest version of the drivers for your video card and if that fails, post to the forums at about your trouble. That is were the developers field questions regarding these issues (and yes there are some issues with OpenGL on certain systems). Please be patient and try to help the developers spot what the issue is. There is a good chance that in the upcoming version of Blender, 2.35, the issue has been corrected. A lot of work has been done with the user interface in this regard. So don’t panic! There is hope yet :smiley:

Thanks, Desoto!

I will do so


I have a similar problem - just wondered if the suggested solution worked??


what about a different color depth?

some cards really don’t like 24 bit color, and only work right at 16 bit

Nope unfortunately that doesn’t work … this is SOOO fustrating!!!

No luck…turned out I had the latest driver. I’m going now to post at as Desoto suggested.

Try one of the latest test builds available over at The next version will have some fixes for ATI cards that worked for my system. Now I’m just waiting for the official 2.35 build with these fixes in it.

I’m on a laptop with a Radeon 9600, and to get the menus working at all (they were totally screwed up), I had to download the drivers, and manually extract the opengl dll file, and shove it in the blender directory, sorted the problem perfectly. Now blender works as well as it did on my nvidia.

Not sure if this is a similar problem, but you might want to give this a try.

I would lik to try and copy from the driver and insert as you suggests, but I’m not at all sure how to do it - (I’m one of those who still thinks there are little people in the computer who does all the work)

Can you give a step by step guide on how to do it? Please? Or can anyone else?

And much searching of the forums later (this is the guide I usd): :wink:

1-download the catalyst version you want (3.9 works for me)
2-extract the contents of the file (you can make as if you wanted to install the driver but just after the extraction of the files by the installation programm cancel and tou will find the files in C:\ATI\SUPPORT\wxp-w2k-7-991-040224m-013831c\2KXP_INF\B_14006 )
3-the file you want is here, it is atioglxx.dl_ but it is a compressed .dll file
4-in order to decompress it, copy il somewhere, for exemple in C:
5-open a command line window, type CD C:
6-then type expand atioglxx.dl_ atioglxx.dll
7-finally, move the .dll file in blender main directory

hanks… I will try this!!!