Slow-mo rain sequence for short film (3 shots)?

Hello all,

Shot in the dark here but thought I’d give it a go, Mods please feel free to move or delete if I’m in violation of any community rules (I don’t believe so).

I’m in the final stages of a short film and in order to push it to the next level quality-wise before submitting to fests, I’m hoping to take three shots that were done in Blender and push them to the next level, quality-wise.

These shots in question involve a small group of characters (three, one hero, the others BG/FG) being shot in ultra slow-motion (approx. 1,000 frames-ish) in a moody night setting with a mostly pitch-black BG. The sequence of three shots last around ten seconds altogether, and are being intercut with live-action footage bearing a similar look.

My main issues with extant iterations of the shots are poor texturing and animation on hero character as well as wonky texture on a bullet used in close-up, and the rain and blood sims themselves. Camera is fine and lighting solid though improved work with shaders is likely needed to kick up photorealism a bit.

Taking all the way through final comp not 100% necessary but that would be an added bonus for sure.

Deadline is ideally mid-September and pay negotiable. Please contact me here or at walexthompson (at) hotmail (dot) com for more information, and I can walk you through the shots and what I’m looking to improve.


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