Slow motion cloth simulation

How would I create a cloth simulation in slow motion? I would like the cloth to flutter in the wind at normal speed for the first few seconds, and then go into slow motion.

With the fluid simulation and rigid body simulation, you can change the speed, but I don’t see that option for cloth.

AFAIK there is no time-scaling ability in the Cloth sim, its physics are based on a certain Scene scale and a certain frame rate – 1BU = 1m @ 30fps, I believe. You can vary from these constants to a fair amount without badly affecting the sim, but not to the extent needed to operate the sim in slow motion.

One approach would be to create your cloth sim at relatively normal parameters, tweak it to its optimum settings, then convert the mesh deformation data to shape keys. Once in this form, the Shape keyframes can be edited in the Shape Key Editor or the Graph Editor to stretch the time frame of the deformations, i.e. slow it or speed it up. The interpolation between keys that Shapes do will help keep the stretched animation smooth.