Slow motion - Help needed


I’ve an animation that is schematically composed of several (3000+) balls falling. I’d like to play this continious sequence progressively from very slow (at the beginning of the sequence) to very fast (at the end). But my 25fps PAL should remain untouched (my IPO animations should look smooth from one frame to another). How can I do this best without having to assign a time ipo to each ball?

I searched a while about it in this forum, but all explainations I found about slow motion and animation speed are very vague. Although, I read on this topic that there could be a “very easy” solution with the NLA. The problem is that I have absolutely no idea about how to use the NLA… I quickly looked at Malefico’s tutorial about the NLA, but I don’t think that it can help me with my problem.

Do you have any idea or hint about how to solve this problem or explaination of how to use the NLA to do this? Thank you!


As Stefano said, you will need to vary the time (speed) IPO as needed. Maybe PM him directly asking for more detail.