Slow Motion in Game (Sounds and more updates)

hello everyone
I’m making a modules for personal use and public use in bge…
From various modules in my mind, i made this for the slow motion in game.
I hope you like
See the video:
first test:

second test (updated and sounds affected):

The blend and the modules containing the codes, coming soon
Thanks my friends!

That’s really cool! I need it :yes:

But is that the module directly influences the physics FPS and the frame rate of Blender,
or that’s simply affects the predefined parameters of motions and animations?

Hello @Lake
I will post the modules soon
This affect the parameters of the motions of the objects, and the speed of the actions.
Example :
import system
time = system.time()
time.slow()#applying the slow motion in the time
#time.normal() # returning the normal time

obj.applyMovement([0, 0.5 * time, 0]) # applying the movement (*time)

Hello everyone
I did updates updates…
On this current version, now sounds are affected by slow motion and more

nice work @juniorsla

Thats real hot stuff my friend ! Good work

Hm…so it is possible to manipulate time in Blender?

YESSSS THANK YOUUUUUU OMG. Please make a tutorial soon. I will love you forever.

@laifa, Thank you man !
@K3KZ, Thank you ;D, the updates coming soon
@J.F.Robot, Yes, but i made a simple module for manipulate it
@Crossbit, UOWWW! YES MAN . Tutorial coming soon ok, thanks

Check updates and more in my youtube channel :

Good. I’ve been wanting to make a game surrounding time manipulation.