Slow motion

An example to create slow motion, or even fast motion (by increasing the timescale)

slow motion.blend (1.7 MB)
(only works in Bge v2.74+ due to the timescale is added in/from that version and in UPbge)


Looks very good :slight_smile:, thanks for sharing!

cool script !!! it would be more cool if it works for me :sweat_smile: , i have tested the script in UPBGE and BGE but it doesn’t respond , what i am doing wrong ?

this is the file i have tested slowMotionTest.blend (501.3 KB)

Ok your fix is simple.

in the python controller there is:


in the text editor you changed the scripts name from to slowmotion by cotaks…

so the scriptname and the name in the python controller does not match, and then it won’t run the script because it’s not there.

also the blend is corrupted, bge crashes and in upbge it does not restore to full speed. so append it all into a new blend. DO NOT use bge in upbge or upbge in bge, blend files can’t be switched anymore!

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Oh , ok thank you so much :blush:

Mr.cotaks , your scripts are awesome , but i have an idea was flying in my mind for a while and i want to share it , what if you added the Aud machine to the slow motion script ? Like you slowed down physics and actions , it would be possible to change sounds as well , by adding values to pitch level ? Like
On [ sound pitch + ( value in the script ) ]
[sound pitch - ( value in the script ) ]

I’m not experienced at programming but you got the idea :sweat_smile: , so it’s a real time motion , slowing everything or make it faster
I hope you achieve this , because it’s really helpful script

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Hmm i am not sure if that is possible. pitch is tone height, so no use for this, and i don’t know if we can set the sound playback speed.

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In your opinion , what is his technique :thinking: ?

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No clue, no use to speculate, just go ask him on his channel.

It can be as easy as changing sounds when the slowdown is activated