Is it possible to make a moving camera shot seem to be going slower with out having to create thousands of frames? I know 24-30 frames = 1 second and in order to have a nice 5 second shot seem to go by slower you need way too many frames. Does Blender have an option where I cam make my 110 frames in a moving shot seem slower. Mind you I am animating the cameras movement so is there a way to make the camera move slow? I select the dup frames for camera, not sure what it does but I thought it might help. So if anyone has any clue how to get slow mo shots with out the thousands of frames please let me now. thanks alot

In the Buttons header click Panels >> Scene >> Animation and use MapOld and MapNew.


thanks for the tip im doing a Render now with your settings. I was wondering if you would not mind explaining a bit as to what that actually does. Or if you have any links taht explaines it in detail then I would appreciate it, because I would like to learn what I just actaully did. Thanks for the help, greatly appreciayte it.

The MapOld value is the framerate of the existing anim. MapNew is a Factor of that value; setting it to a lower value will spedd the anim up and a higher value will slow it down. Leave the MapNew at 100 (default) and setting MapOld to a lower value will speed it up. Values only go to 900 so you can always use one as a fraction of the other to get a value higher than that.


So let me see if I understand correctly. In order to achieve slow motion I need to leave the map new at default and just increase the map old value which will simulate slowmotion, correct? I hope thats it. Im sure with experimentation I wil get it correct. Thanks a million!

If I understand both the question of Zigzaviour and the answer of Flight, I think this is not what he is looking for, because increasing the mapnew will slow the motion in Blender so that it’ll take more frames to render.While Zigzaviour wants to render exactly the same number of frames so that it lasts longer in the movie.

I think that decreasing the frame rate will do.

If I understand well.


I decreased the map old value to half and it slowed my shots down to a perfect speed. Now I can make the sweeping camera shots more elegant and seem smoother. Thanks guys! :wink:

Another tecnique for slow motion would probably be too render one frame at a time and import in moviemaker (or another program) and lower the default value a bit. It would be very time consuming, but it would work with exactly the number of frames you want, not thousands.