slow motion

is it possible to make slow motion stuff… bullettime? Maybe somehow slowing down physics? I`ve seen script that pauses physics…

Edit: Sorry, missread your question. But what do you actually want paused physics for?


Yea, and that’s in the docs, but there is still no way afaik to run a “slow-motion” sim in blender.

I imagine if you want to you can alternate between suspendDynamics() and restoreDynamics(). Sort of like turning the pause on and off.

Mind you I don’t know what this would do, but it wouldn’t be hard to find out.

Maybe a script that would change the FPS?

Of course, you’d need high-framed animations…

That would just make it look jerky.

Well… If my mind serves me well, a physics demo had bullet-time…

You could do it by having 2 animations, one that is faster than the other, and have it play the faster one on normal, with a suitable movement speed, then when you press a key it plays the slow animation, and goes negative half the original speed. This will slow it down, except the gravity would cause them to fall at the same speed, I’m sure you can change gravity to fit it properly in python though.

To slow the animation couldn’t you just use a property to play the ipo? Then you would just control how fast the property cycles.

Woah this is way over my head, and by the way, I actually think that Social, did some improvements to that physics-demo, or a tutorial containing it or something…

A long time ago, NOR.J made a slow-motion demo. He switched between scenes rapidly or something. I can’t really remember. Maybe somebody still has this demo?

thx for replies. i can figure out how to slow down ipo animations… I only need to slow down physics - gravity etc. it just seams that its impossible with Bullet right now…

Couldn’t you use the scene actuator? suspend and resume scene, and make a python that switches fast between them, maybe it will be like slow-mo?

Yeah, if that is all you need.

thx it works very good

A demo please… I want to see it in action :slight_smile:

Me Too! :smiley:

I used logic bricks to do this. You need to have an empty overlay scene running this script, or else nothing will happen when the scene is suspended. Basically, this is what you do:

2 bool properties, called activate and flip.

When activate is true, and when flip is false, flip is set to true. When activate is true and flip is true, flip is set to false. When activate is false, flip is set to false. When flip is false, the scene is resumed. When flip is true, the scene is suspended.

You can use any method to make the ‘activate’ property toggle. This is my logic brick way of doing it:

When the spacebar is pressed, and when activate is false, activate is set to true. When the spacebar is pressed, and activate is true, it is set to false.

Now have the object with these logic bricks in a separate scene (I don’t know if it has to be overlayed or not), affecting the desired scene.

There you go. This should be very simple to set up, as I have described it very simply.

this is amazing, just what i need tnx :smiley:

…looks good with motion blur :D:D:D

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