Slow MOTion

Hey, has anyone here seen Time Warp,
its a new show on discovery and they just film things with slow motion cameras, I think that some of these videos could be used as reference material for animation though (Smashing Bricks) (PoleJump) (FrisbeeCatch +dog running) (WallFlip) (SwordSlicing)

Go ahead and look for more videos as well:P

That’s cool.

But it would be probably better as a reference if they showed the same motion in real time, too. This way you could judge if you actually like this motion or not. Still a nice find.


I recently discovered that my new video camera can do slow motion video (at 240 or 480 fps & Close to HD quality as well)

Its great fun :slight_smile:

Very good for capturing movement, a great animation reference tool.

they show the real-time on the show i just cant find any videos of it.

AD-Edge - How much does a camera like that cost? That be soooo awesome to have

It cost about $1500 AUS which is about $950 US
But I got it free, won it in a film festival with an animation I made in Blender. :wink:
I might post a compilation of slow motion videos I recently made sometime.

Hey AD,
Congratulations on the win.
That is awesome!!!

I looked up your winning video, film festival entry?
that explosion was amazing!
and i bet uploading slow-motions would be greatly appreciated around here

I love that show. It doesn’t have a plot or anything, just two guys filming neat stuff in slow motion. I’d love one of those cameras, but without having to use so much light for them to work.

Thanks, theres a thread about it here if anyone’s interested

I really wish I had the discovery channel though, I keep seeing these types of shows which I’d love to watch!

Found some more cool videos by time warp, the first one is particularly cool, the second has a perfect camera angle across the lake so you can see the background:

Edit This one involves Blender -

I think its pretty amazing the things we cant see at normal speed, like the waterballoon, mind blowing :stuck_out_tongue: