slow pages?

been having some problems with my isp lately and think i’m gonna find a new service but i was wondering if anyone else was having a problem with these boards. they seem to take forever to load! been finding myself hitting the stop button lately just so the new posts appear as to not load the rest of the page. maybe time for some server maint?

also love the ad for STUN GUNS! gotta get one of those. wonder how many jolts it will take before my leg went numb :smiley:

slow computer? lol

Ya, these boards are moving slower

i hope its not osteoperosis of the board… thats terrible! :-?

slow computer HA! try a pent 4 with 384 Megs of pc800 RAM and a ge2. i think i can handle just about anything. the isp on the other hand…

lol faster than mine, but then again, EVERYTHING* is faster than mine…:smiley:

*Everything is a very relative term…lol :smiley:

I’ve noticed that it seems slow at times… sometimes I have to refresh. Also, sometimes it appears to just go down for 3-5 minutes out of the blue. But still, while its up this is a cool resource to have!