Slow parent?

in the Apricot blog regarding the camera setup they mention this: “We started by parenting a camera to Frankie, using blenders slow parent feature to dampen the cameras response to Frankie, avoiding jitter and jarring motion.”. I can not find anything on the subject . How do we make a slow parent please?

hi, i hope a screenshot will help you


Thanks, that was very nice of you .

Very good post. Thanks!

Been looking for this for days! Thx!

Oh my Gzz! I read the same thing and was like ‘what??!’ - I’ve spend days making elaborate work arounds to the jittering camera parent problem, and now realise it can be fixed with the click of a button!
Thanks all. Live and learn :]

well, unfortunately, a simple slow parent is not the global panacea, it produces really ugly deformations if you are going just a bit fast.

wow that helped me a whole lot

This is a great tip, thanks. It’s good if you don’t want turning cameras. Could be useful for a sidescroller or a fighting game

Really? You mean… the mesh? :?

Do you have an example on this?

Thank you very much!