Slow Playback In Viewport - Audio Plays At Normal Speed

I’ve 3D tracked a scene, prefetched my video, sequencer/clip editor memory cache limit is set to 32768, audio plays back at normal speed. I want to animate my model to the audio track and the video I shot but the playback of the video is super slow so there’s no way to properly sync the animation. Is there another setting I’m overlooking? I have 852 frames in the video so maybe I need to bump the cache limit up more? Any input would be appreciated.

You can have Blender make a proxy version of the video that creates small jpg frames that the PC will play more easily. You can also open the Timeline window and select Sync Mode> AV Sync or Frame Dropping to skip video frames. This is a global change and helps playback in the 3D view where proxy isn’t available.

Thanks for the ideas. As far as hardware goes, would more RAM be helpful too? I’ve got 12GB right now but maybe that’s not quite enough.

No its not a cacheing issue its a decompression problem, the cpu cannot keep up.