Slow Rendering Cycles

Hey, so basically I am rendering this animation which is 614 frames total. It has grass particles as well as cloud volumes, so I understand why the render takes longer than usual. At the moment it is taking 13 minutes per frame which would mean around 133 hours of rendering. Do you guys have any tips other than those of BlenderGuru which I can employ to make this render go faster?

My specs:
GTX 2080
intel i7-9700k 3.6ghz
ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero
32GB of RAM

I have no other programs running.
Attached are my scene settings.
I’d appreciate any help at all!!

Here is a frame:

Turn down the framerate if you can, lower the max light bounces to 8 or 4, and manually set the tile size to 256x256.

Those are the only ones I can think of.

E-Cycles bro!

Fr? I haven’t done much research into that. Is it worth?

Ok I’ll give it a try. Thanks!!

If time = money to you, then by all means, the answer is yes. I am a pro. It paid for itself in its first day or two for me. For others, that may be a little longer. I do a ton of rendering, so yeah, E-Cycles and B-Renderon (kickass render mananger standalone app for .blends) are my best buddies.

Ok, will definitely consider it!!! Really appreciate it! If I were to get it should I get the 2020-21 or just get the 2020 version now?

If Matthieu still has a sale going, you may want to pounce on it. But upgrading later should not be much more if you are trying to keep some xmas money in your pocket this month. I think he has at least a couple different sales throughout the year, and not just Black Friday etc. So if it is better for you to get 2020 for now, go for it. You will not be disappointed pal. I am over 18 months with E-C and I have never looked back. I was formally an Octane user for over 6 years…

Sounds good. Really appreciate your help!! THANK YOU!

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Hey, just one more question. I’m thinking of just pulling the trigger on this one. Should I just preorder the 2021 version now? It says first alpha builds are available would that mean I can use ecycles already if I preorder the 2021 version? Thanks in advance

Yes i bought rtx version and there were already 292alphas available for download

Really? The 2021 version?

YESS as I wrote. One version was the rtx the other the standard, both 292. If you have any doubts ask Mathieu the creator.

Here I made a benchmark comparing cycles/e-cycles in different scenes using different gpus: Cycles Development Updates

Gotcha. Thank You!!

You’re welcome:)
Check the benchmarks posted above

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