slow rendering in blender

Hi evry1 ,

While rendering animations in blender, it renders each frame sooooooooooo slowly.

I followed the gingerbread man tutorial in the blender-help file , and it renders each frame at the rate of 4-5 seconds for each frame
(with OSA = 8) and window resolution of 400 by 280
It renders quite fast with OSA turned off but the quality is crap.

Should i buy a better graphics card ? A new faster computer? Linux?
How do proffesionals do it?

My graphic card is Nvidia GeForce 5 with 256 RAM, my CPU IS 3.0 GHZT(intel P4),
with a gig of RAM.


changing your graphics card will not speed up the render

and 4-5 seconds is NOTHING

test renders are not done with osa… [or at full resolution]… that’s why blender makes them so easy to turn off