Slow responding blender

In my blender rotating and stuff goes fluently. But if i change the shape of a window, or use B to select stuff the response is very slow.
I have an ati mobility 9600/9700 64 mb, 768 mb ram and 1.5 ghz pentium M.

probably another ATI issue…search the forums for ATI drivers.

I tried that. Also i downloaded a atioglxx.dll file which was supposed to fix the problem but it didnt work.

Do you have any other window elements drawn overtop of your blender window? There is a glitch in OpenGL (which the Blender UI uses) which prevents it from refreshing properly if another GL app is on top of it (even on the border). Something sounds fishy though, if that isn’t the case.

Are the buttons in the buttons screen responsive? Or do they hesitate when you hover over them or click on them? If so, then it’s an OpenGL overdraw issue. Try playing around with the Anti-Aliasing settings and other controls in your catalyst control center, or whatever it’s called in your advanced display properties.

Good luck. I know how frustrating it can be. I almost returned my Mac because I had a Floating CPU monitor that was touching the edge of my blender window and slowing me down.