SLOW runtime with 2.34

hey, i’m just trying to test my demo in a runtime…(.EXE file)
all works great but it is slow (not choppy framerate but slow movement)
in blender i run at +200fps without vsync
any ideas?

Yep check this:
More source comming soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

i checked it but it gives me an error when i try to open in blender :frowning:
anyway is it a slowmotion or kind of bullettime effect? because it is not what i want, althought it would be great to know how to do it…
my problem is that my runtime runs anormally slow compared to in blender…my camera is moving slower that in blender…ALOT slower and i’m wondering why

Did you open it in blender 2.25? Well try that because 2.34 gives an error when you want to open it. No idea why, does someone know why thst is? :-?

i think its cause u packed it or something like that.

i will try it…but must reinstall 2.25 :frowning:
by the way, what is this .blend file?

It is a compressed file. Uncompress it.

could someone please, check this runtime to see if the movement is slow compared to in blender…
i want to know if it’s a problrm with my pc (i doubt) or with the file and what could i do to make the movement speed faster in the runtime
i used the walkthrought template, so maybe by increasing the speed in the corresponding actuator will do the job?

oops…forgot the link