slow scrolling in perspective view?


I keep getting stuck in some sort of mode where scrolling sideways, rotating, or zooming slows down to smaller increments as I get closer to objects (while in perspective view).

I have read this thread …

…which seems to be the same problem I am describing here, but I don’t find the replies to it to be the right solutions.

I don’t really want to fly around in camera-fly-mode as someone had suggested…
and scaling isn’t the problem because I was fine just moments before. Unfortunately I am out of undo’s. I could go back to an older save as last resort… but this happens so often that I need to figure out why so I don’t waste any more time!

There must be some sort of mode that makes the scrolling/zooming increments smaller as objects become close in perspective view that I accidentally keep finding?

I’m not sure exactly what causes it … but [Shift+C] should fix it.

shift+ c works.