Slow sequencer

when i use large pictures and/or transition and i want to see the final animation using alt-a, the frame rate is lower than the number of frames that i would like to use in my video. that makes it difficult to check the right timing and to synchronize everything with the audio track in the final video. is there any way to force, that the sequencer has the same speed like the final video (e.g. by leaving some frames out), when i hit alt-a?

There is a sync playback to frames/secs option in the timeline menu to get audio and frames sync’d as long as the machine is powerful enough to playback I guess. Otherwise you’ll have to drop frames or:

To help, try to scale your images down to your output res, using Gimp batch convert or something doing a best quality resize rather than expecting blender to playback big images that are not going to be that size output anyway.

Use Proxies.

I agree with yellow. Proxies are your friend. However, I’ve had problems with them in 2.49. I can create them, but they aren’t used in playback. If you run into a case where they don’t seem to work, step back to 2.48.

thanks for the tip with the sync-button. i tried that but unfortunately it didn’t improve the display time in alt-a-mode. the proxy do improve the time but this is also not sufficient. i suspect that i have to look for another tool :frowning:

With proxies enabled, what have you set your preview window ‘Q’ to? Try changing the setting to Q50 or Q25 and playing back.

I’m currently playing with some 4k RED ONE uncompressed video on a Sempron and I can playback smoothly in the preview window at 50% Proxy size and Q25 in the preview window.

You should be able to find a happy medium.

Blender 2.49b Karmic Koala 64bit

i found out how to do that: you have to enable the play back sync button in the timeline window and you have to press the play button in the time line window (not alt-a). then it works.