Slow, slow, slow

I just downloaded Blender 2.37. From the manuel, I attempted the “Gingerbread Man Gus” tutorial. The problem I am running into is, the further I get into the TUT the slower the program runs. At current, I was attempting to “deselect vertices from armature groups to minimize deformations”. In changing modes (by way of the tab key) it was taking on average 45 seconds for the program to respond. Same problem encountered when attempting to SKEY scale UVSpheres for the “eyes, mouth, and buttons” average respond time to scale was 60 secs. Please forgive my obvious naivate, as I am new to 3d graphic work. I am running Blender on a Compaq desktop, (AMD 64 3500+, 1.0 GB PC 3200 DDR SDRam, ATI RADEON XPRESS 200.) I would almost assume that I just need to tweak some system settings to resolve this problem, as I run other apps (After Effects, etc) without any problems. If you do think you can offer some assistance, please remember that I’m not as computer savvy as most people. (Please be as specific as possible) Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to offer…Also but I start Blender from desktop, two windows open. Blender app in main, under that a smaller window DOS looking black background, reading: Using Python V. 2.3----"import site failed;use -v for traceback.—No installed Python found.—Only biult in modules available. Some scripts may not run.—Continuing happily. Honestly, I have no idea what any of that means, but if I close the window outright Blender ends as well.

My guess is it’s your graphics card. Blender doesn’t like ATI. Here is more info: However, I believe there is a fix for this without getting a different card. Look around on the site.

Also, you need to leave both windows open. The message you are getting in the command prompt (the black DOS window) is saying you dont have Python installed. Blender will run, but you won’t be able to use any scripts in it. Go to to get Python for free. Also be sure to set your Python path. Steps for that are here:


Yes, yes. Er, you can run some scripts, in particular all those that come with Blender, without needing to install Python. There are other scripts that require more than the rudimentary Python interpreter supplied by Blender. So only if you run across a script that complains do you need to install Python.

Really? I didn’t know you could run the internal scripts. Hmm. Thanks for correcting me. :slight_smile:


Hey there, bachevelle. I ran into the same trouble as you did when I started blendering on my new pc. I also have the ATI Radeon Xpress 200. I tried using the driver suggested over at the forums, but all I succeeded in was crashing blender on start-up. The easiest way I found to boost the speed was to lower the hardware acceleration to the second lowest peg in the troubleshooting menu for the graphics card. I’ve only done basic modeling since then, so I don’t know what further uimplications tat might have, but it has certainly made blender usable in the interim.