Slow UI on New Graphics Card

I just got a Nvidia 6200 a while ago and have noticed the user interface is quite slow sometimes. Like when I mouse over buttons they seem to get corrupted sometimes. Also, an object with 3000 faces at subsurf level 2 is choppy and takes seconds to select all vertices. I noticed that the cpu usage goes up to like 100% when rotating the camera. Here are other system specs:

Athlon 3200+
512 MB Ram
Nvidia 6200
Windows XP Pro SP1

Yes, I have the latest drivers. I don’t have any problems playing the latest games (I play SWAT 4, Warhammer 40,000, and Unreal Tournament 2004 all at max settings flawlessly). I have virtually no programs running in the background and usually close to 300 free MB of ram according to the windows task manager. Anybody else have issues?

Hmmmm, well I’ve narrowed the problem further. It seems to only be slow when using subsurfs and I go into edit mode then tell blender to draw in wireframe mode. It’s very strange. I can handle 500,000 poly object with no subsurf, but can’t handle 3,000 poly objects with subsurf. And everything works fine until I go into wireframe mode.

check and see if you have anti-aliasing turned on.
I think that can conflict with blenders UI