Slow video preview in video sequence editor with release 2.77+

Hey guys,

We have been using Blender v. 2.76 for video editing for a while.

We upgraded to 2.77 when it came out but even files that used to play back quickly started to suffer from slow previews in the video editor (7-8 fps) when it was supposed to be 30 fps. At the time, we rolled back to v2.76.

We just upgraded to v2.78 and have the same problem.

Is this a known issue?? How is this fixed??

Blender v2.78
Windows 10 Pro
cpu I7-6700K
gpu Intel HD 530


Easy fix is to use Davinci Resolve 14 (its free) nothing wrong with the BLenders VSE apart from the frustratingly slow performace

you can have as many blender versions running side by side as your harddrive can hold. just download the ZIP variants and you can use 2.76 for the VSE and newer versions for everything else.

i dont recommend passing blend files back and forth through versions. sometimes backward compatibility is broken.

thats not a solution.

Good point; I’ll set up another instance for the video work but still keep current on the new features this way.


Hey, thanks. I’ll set up another 2.76 for video work and still keep up with the new features in 2.78.