Slower Rendering in 225? How about you?

(mthoenes) #1

A new question posted today on elysiun Question-Answer frum got me to thinking about command line rendering again.
I ran a few tests with interesting results.

Test file was a complex 6MB scene at OSA 11

BlenderCreator 223 with disp window- 20.46 sec
Command Line Creator 223 was 17.94 sec

BlenderPublisher 225 with disp window - 49.46 sec
Command line Publisher 225 - 17.80 sec

The Publisher render test surprised me. I repeated it several times and continued to get substantially longer render times.

Anyone else getting slower renders in Publisher - anyone know how to speed it up?

(CurtisS) #2

It’s pretty much known that 2.25 renders slower (a programmer I am not, so don’t know why…). I have experienced the same thing.

(mthoenes) #3

Thanks for the reply, I seem to recall hearing something about it some timae ago, I had never actually tested it though…
In any case… The command line render speed seemed to be up to par with 223. So I will command line render my animations from now on.

(javelin) #4

yeah I noticed 2.25 is way
slower than do you do this"command line rendering"?

(humphrey) #5

First… Just do a search for command line rendering… There have been some very informative topics about it…

Second… I can’t get command line rendering to work on OS X… It used to work ocasionally with 2.23, but not at all with 2.25

Third… In the OS X version of blender, my 2MB .blend file takes 58 secs to render at 640x480, but I’m sure it’s just because I’ve only got 128MB of RAM

Fourth… Anyway… Blender is awesome!