Slowing Animation?

I have a scene with my key-frames already set, but it is to fast. I don’t want to have to key-frame it all over again because it would take the better part of an hour to do that. I there a way to slow down the whole thing without deleting key frames and start all over?
I know i could render it and take it in to an NLE and slow it but i kinda loose some quality in the process.

well, there are two ways of doing that, dunno if one of them is applicable to you problem:

  1. you can use a time-ipo

  2. if you defined actions, you can select all the keyframes of a particular action and scale them (SKEY) along the time axis

hope this helps,

I tried scale on x,y,and z axis sepratly ofcourse and that screws up location of the camera. I’m not sure what the time axis is. I also don’t now what “time-ipo” is. Can you explain?

Another way: Open the Render panels with F10. Press F10 again and you should see the Anim panel with Map Old and Map New buttons. Set Map New to a larger value to slow your animation. Re-render. Example: if Map New is twice the Map Old value, your animation will slowed by half.

could you tell us a bit more 'bout the animation you made? It would be
helpful to know if you defined actions within blenders action editor

An ipo is a kind of a curve you can control any kind of animatino in
blender. With thetime ipo you can control the progres of time during
I made a little .blend for demonstration, but i don’t know where to

moderator, any idea ?



Well it is a very simple scene as the camera is the only thing that moves. I used the IPO window when editing and knnow how to use this window but i didn’t want to have to select each key point and move them one at a time. Basicly I’m looking for a less time consuming way of working w/key frames. I could of had it done by know but then i wouldn’t be learning anything new. I have also never used the action editor as i am still a noob and have not gotten that far in to my studys in blender.
CD38 I’ll give it a try and see what we can do.
Thank you all very much and if you have any other suggestions please feel free to let me know.

My animation is right @ 400 frames at 29.98 persec.

if you have only a single moving object, the time-ipo is really perfect to change the timing of the animation ! Every animated object has its own time-ipo, so if you have only one, there’s not much work to do :wink:

@felix: thanx for the link. I’m @work now, but i’ll upload the .blend later this day

@kerry: just curious… why do you use such an odd fps-value?


I just did the scale thing… Helped me.

deFStonE: 29.98 is the standard NTSC frame rate used for TV in places like Canada, Japan and the USA. Just like the standard for PAL is 25fps. And the standard for computers seems to be 30…

I’m going to have to try that Map Old and Map New thing. I’ve had this problem before :confused:

Edit: It’s actually 29.97 for NTSC :open_mouth:

Go to the NLA Editor and adjust the spacing between your keyframes. This is a much better way than manipulating the actual curves where you run the risk of ruining a lot of hard work.

Now see thats what I’m talking about the NLA Editor…no curves, no handles. Just dots move them right move them left it can’t get any easyer.
I still want to try the old map/new map though.
PS i was using 29.97 not .98 frames per sec.

PSS. Just tried old map/new and it works perfect too!

@skinnious: ah, didn’t know… :o Thanx !

ok, uploaded the time-ipo example at

hope, it helps though the problem seems to be solved by remapping the animation time…


deFStonE, Do you have to regester before downloading?