Slowing down an animation

(S68) #1

Hi folks,

Inspired by later starships I’m working on a StarShip myself. Animation is comin nicely IMHO, but I did a bad timing mistake. The whole animation is too fast.

Is there a way to slow dow it?

I mean, I have some tenths of IPOS and an animation lasting 300 frames or so.

Can I make the same animation last 600 frames WITHOUT having to modify by hand any single IPO?

Is there some sort of Global Time IPO to set the speed of the whole animation?

Thanx in advance


(dreamsgate) #2

Unless I’m mistaken, you can slow down (or speed up) an animation by going to the ‘Animation buttons’ (F7). In the bottom left there are some buttons labeled :

Map Old & Map New

In your case put 300 in Map Old and 600 in Mao New

Hope that helps.

(S68) #3

I’ll give that a try, thanx a lot :slight_smile:


(Rob) #4

You can set a time ipo for an object and so do ‘MATRIX’ effects, or so says the manual. I left it at work so I can’t tell you how.


(theeth) #5

that works, but you’d have to copy the IPO curve to all the objects in the scene. To affect it globally , Map Old / Map New is much easier.


(humphrey) #6

A really easy way would be to change the frame rate… But I guess that you don’t want to do that huh?

(S68) #7

Thanx guis… the MapOld MapNew worked very well, as you might have seen in my last finished project :slight_smile: