slowing my P4 prossesor....

hey my laptop has a P4 prossesor in it… but lately the damn thing has been running hot and the fans all three of them are running full blast when all i am doing is running winamp, opera and trillian… is there a way to cut the prossesors speed and make it run cooller without any hardware mods?

i tried a program that cuts the fans… but i am concerned that prolonged use will damnage the cpu…

any sugestions?

could be too many crummy little operations stacking up on your CPU, whats the usage like?

You could try getting a laptop cooler, they sit underneath and remove the heat. That will keep the CPU cooler, and do as much as anything to prolong the life of it.

Since it is a laptop the CPU probably scales anyway (make sure the power setting is on Battery or similar and you have the latest drivers).


clean out the dust.

my bros computer was doing similar. the laptops get filled with dust easily.


My laptop has a power settings feature that allows me to save battery life. You should have something similar that will allow you to cut processor speed, monitor brightness, etc.

If your fan got its vent hole to the bottom of the notebook i suggest putting
something below the notebook to elevate it a little bit and make life easier
for the fan.
I am always doing this which helps cooling all parts of my notebook because
the heat can escape more easily.

i usually open my labtop once every 1 or 2 month to take the dust off and i allways have somthing undre because the fans are under.

I also open the window of y room when i realiz that my computer is overheating because the room get warmer and the computer gets even warmer so the fans go even faster…

Check your bios. You probably don’t have this option (cause it’s a manufactured laptop), but sometimes you can change the processor speed. Also, if you have a Intel “Speed Step” processor then you can throttle the CPU with software that more than likely came with your laptop.

Put it in the freezer.

Whoever thought it was a good idea to put fan exhausts at the bottom of laptops clearly didn’t even see someone who once touched someone who thought about using a laptop.


looks like the best thing to do i guess then is to clean this bad boy out…

but still i am curious if anyone knows of a utility or tutorial to lower the cpu clock speed so that it doesnt eat up so much batery life and get so hot.

no engineers don’t get out much :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


It was either that or have the keyboard on the bottom…

As an engineering undergraduate of 6 weeks, I object strongly to Alltaken’s post! :smiley: :wink:

I know that IBM ThinkPads have a system whereby the intake is on one side and the exhaust on the other (or at least had - my dad’s thinkpad is about 2-3 years old now) which is much more sensible. However, we can’t all afford them.

Just got my new laptop yesterday (Aspire 3003LMi Sempron 3000+ 15" 80Gb 512MB XPH - yay :D) and that’s got the exhaust on the underside. As you say, it’s ridiculous, but I presume it allows them to pack more stuff in.

Lukus - now you say it, I think that might just be a great idea… I’ll work on it! :wink:

My old ibook used to get hot if I sat it on my lap but I found that if I had a book in between, it stayed much cooler. I hated the fan on it because it would scream while kicking into action. Scared the sh*t out of me every time. If you have a thin sheet of metal, that might be even better for cooling it down.

I don’t quite understand CPU throttling. Why would you buy a fast laptop and then slow it down because it’s too hot? Why not buy a cheaper, slower, cooler laptop in the first place?

Because that’s not trendy. Plus, fast laptops look really good on advertisements. Go portable liquid cooling!!111eleven!!!11 :stuck_out_tongue:

osxrules: maybe because a CPU under light load runs cooler that a CPU under heavy load.

I buy a laptop with a slow CPU, it works hard a lot of the time, and doesn’t have the speed when I need it.

I buy a laptop with a fast CPU. It keeps cool most of the time by throttling, but for short bursts, when I need it, it can push out greater speed. The short time period means it doesn’t overheat.

I don’t buy a laptop because I don’t need one, but if I did I’d buy a faster one. I can always make it run cooler. I can’t make a slow one run faster.


why don’t you just reformat the drive (create another partition and put your docs and music there) and reinstall windows. that always helps my computers.

if you are running linux just ignore this.

ajc158 got it right…

when i bought it… I wanted to make sure it had enough power to run the most rigerous apps out there… [i.e. Unreal tourney 04 :stuck_out_tongue: and even some high end music editing software…] even if I never used all that power I felt better knowing it was there…

But more recently I have cut back on the cpu loading apps and have gon minimal… mostly to reduce destractions while working hard on a lab report and such… so I dont see the point of letting the cpu run hot for word… opera… trillian… and winamp…

Also noise is a problem… the sound coming from the fans alone can easily drown out music at low volumes and when the cpu gets hot… i feel like i am working with a jet engine…

so my question still stands… what utilities are out there to throttle and slow up the cpu to only what i need on an average day?

edit… also are there any good liquid colling systems for a laptop? something i can install myself preferebly…

Not quite sure how that helps… is it that it goes back to the absolute bare minimum install? or is there a setting durring the install that sets the cpu speed… lol… thanks to constant messing with the windows os i have re formattedd and re installed windows more than 50 times in the past year… :P… oh the joys of learning by trial and error.