Slowly coming along

So here I am again. I haven’t shown many of my projects lately cause I’ll be working on a film called “D.U.D.E where’s my universe?!”. (PM if your interested, cause it involves FX and 3D) But just for fun I made this little snail guy. I got a base Armature, the eyes with tracking to a bone and some shape keys for the eyes…So I think in the near future I’ll give him the chance of small animation. What does everyone think?

Snails don’t have mouths or pupils and irises, but Nice toony style.

cool man, i think it needs an enviroment tho!!!

Well they do now

Love your work Nick

Not a crit, cause It looks pretty cool to me, but I thought the eyes were on the end of the stalks. I vaguely remember when I was a kid and I used to poke the stalks so they would retract.

Well If I remember correctly I was watching the movie “The Labyrinth” and the little snail guy had eyes on his head and not the end of his stalks. I liked that feature and tried to go with it. Right now I’m developing a anime convention website but when I have time I’ll make make him animated and throw in a enviroment and post it on my site for everyone.

His eyes have a few shape keys but I need some for the mouth. If anybody wants to recommend something or just want to say a few words, feel free!

They have four stalks; two short ones for the eyes close to the bottom, and two long ones for antanae.

Yes…this is a toon snail. So no need to worry about how much what it’s got, we all have imaginations. I added some environment but I plan to add more before I go into the animation phase.

Your snail’s shell curls clockwise, when looking at the snail’s right side, as shown in the top outline.

The shell should curl counterclockwise, as shown in the bottom outline.

You know…that’s funny. I fixed that a while back and forgot to save it and just now remembered it. Thanks for pointing that out.

Also I fixed the nostril holes a bit too…there a bit bright

Small prob with the anatomy is the shell’s structure. It should be more rounded and point out to one side. Also the spiral is an external feature. the sides of it are fused. I know this is stylized but you made the foolish request for criticisms not knowing a biologist might be browsing ;-D