Slowness with background image

When I use a background image in the 3D window Blender runs slow. It makes the modeling of a car with a blueprint, for example, very hard.

What is the cause? Is there a Way to correct it?

I use images of small size, in jpg or in black and white.

I have a K6II 500, 64MB, a Diammond Stealth III S540 32MB, and Window$ 98 (Yes, I know, it’s oldest, but I don’t have money to buy a new pc!) :frowning:

i’m almost sure it’s the graphic card and/or the OS. try upgrading at least the OS, or save some money and get yourself a used GF (30-50€ max!!). even a 2MX od 4MX will perform good.

maybe it’s also a driver issue.


Sometimes it helps to use uv-mapped planes as a background. On my old computer there wasn’t a speed difference but on my newer there is.
You have to turn textured view on (Alt+Z). To still be able to model with wireframes you can turn Drawtype -> Wire on in the Object buttons (F7). When you want to resize your image plane so the texture doesn’t stretch, apply the uv-mapped texture as a normal texture too and press Alt+V.

In an old tutorial about rotoscoping it says: “Due to Open GL hardware considerations, the horizontal and vertical dimensions of your image in pixels should be no larger than 256x256 an should be divisable by 64.”


I’ve had the same problem… The only thing that solved it was changing videocard drivers… but then again … I was also using a freaking slow compu then…


Sol max, thaks! This is a good méthod.

Hello Kha, I don’t know about this, but it can be useful.

Don’t know how useful this will be to you … but you might consider also buying as much RAM as you can. You can never have enough RAM. The cost of RAM memory is pretty low (at least in the U.S. … now anyway).

I am currently running Blender with 128 MB, but I don’t feel it’s enough. I hope to upgrade within the next few months to at least 512 MB.