Slug for animation or game; wip.


Merry Xmas and Happy new year.

I wanted to do something with this slug.

Do you think it is a nice slug?

I wanted to make an animation with it, but I did not came up a good slug joke.

Thanks for any crits.




Is support the right place to post this slug? It’s a snail, anyways. good modelling with the shell. you could add those feelers, which are actually where you put the eyes, which are on what many people mistake for the feelers. As a cartoonish thing, it’s good pretty good. Snails obviously don’t have teeth…

I have no idea if this is the right post, what should it be post in?

I think it is cartoonish, I thought it had eyes on top and feelers on the front.

For cartoonish without a mouth and teeth it would be quite dull for a snail.

I have my dictionairy and it is also a slug.

Maybe support could be better cooperation.

Well, it doesn’t bring up any particular issues about modelling…it it a model. It could go in the artwork section.

Maybe I was a bit lazy to see that I had to post it there. Anyways, an animation problem it hasn’t much either.