Slugs in Spaceeee!

This is a character I created 100% in blender using box modeling and procedural textures. The only image texture was used on the slugs little flag. Of course the image was rendered with cycles.

Hope you like it!

haha I love it! Also love the fact that he has “Helmets” for his eyes separately :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! I was trying to go for a playful look.

you could bring more color into the scene by adding additional interest / materials to the space ship. also on the planet surface you could add some little rocks, and / or space plants.

Thanks Modron! I will try these suggestion out.

This is a good and amusing piece. It is sort of hard to see the spaceship though…

Thanks Chariot Rider I am currently revamping this piece to better feature the character and ship. :slight_smile:

Thanks SilentRainstar! I don’t know how I have lived without this.