Sly-lowpoly character-

The character is about 1800 polys. So far, there are 3 maps ( character, glasses, gloves), but they will be put together later.
Here he is…

C and C are welcome!

WOW, only 1800 poly’s!

im guessing that it will be/is rigged, so i would love to see an animation…

the scene right now looks a bit to bright…

but the lighting isn’t too bad…

nice work


brilliant work once again
you have really found your niche in cg with these low poly characters
good job!

dude, thats awasom!!! ppl are the hardest thigs to make ever

all i can get is the stupid monkey dude.


wow. really great low poly work. lighting (as mentioned) looks a tad too bright on my monitor, shadow on face is very abrupt, but this actually looks nice. His hair looks great, but the torn sleeve on his left shoulder lacks defenition and looks blurry.
other than that, I think its perfect.

You know, for a second I thought it was a reference picture out of FFXII…
Awesome, awesome work man…
If I could model like that… :o

Damn you! It looks great! You surely got to your intention, don’t you? Go right away and sell it to Squaresoft :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Sweet! I can’t believe that it’s that few poly’s! What did you do, not model the back half? :wink:

I think it would look better with a darker background; the white hurts my eyes.

wonderful work! now let’s see some poses!

nice, you got l337 skills man, GJ!

Low? No! It is so nice, envy :<

Awsome… mind posting wires&uv?

Great work, no way of criticising a low poly model of that quality.

Fantastic textures. Model looks really good and clean too. I second the wires request.


I third it.
Now he just needs some kind of improbable, yet cool looking, weapon.

i would also like to see some wires if possible since i am doing the occasional low poly model these days. looks really good. nice textures.

Yop cool model and greate texture… Skin is a little too white…

no no excelent, nothing to tell more.

[Sorry, there was a mistake]

Here is a little anim (422 ko):, rendered with 1 hemilight and 1 spotlight ( soft shadows).

That’s an amazing model! Walkcycle needs some more work, tho. The hands are kinda poppey, and the head and breast etc. doesn’t move at all. Work on that, and then it will be perfect, in all it’s lowpoly glory :smiley: