SM42 Locomotive

Hi, I’ve made a polish diesel locomotive.


wow, seriously good!!

that’s brilliant!

Hi. I think it’s great, especially the first one. But the only hitch is that the image as a hole seems a little “flat”. Some more moody atmosphere maybe? Another suggestion would be to render it with indigo…

very nice job, amazing texture twerk there.


It’s really well modeled but I think it could use better lighting to make it look more artistic.

Great job! The textures look really realistic.

I like it a lot, and agree with others pointing out a more dramatic light for your great scene.

Very nice!!
How about a more dramatic perspective?

Thanks for comments.
@efio and ShilaM
I can experiment a bit. So what would you do to make it more dramatic? :slight_smile:

looks good, I think to add in some smoke would make this complete, maybe even a new angle like the others said… maybe even two pics one during the day with smoke and that, and then another in night with the fog light on would realy make this perfect.

Hope you like the ideas :stuck_out_tongue:


how about a frog view… so to make the locomotive appear huge and distorted? for example like here:

I’ve added new render - night version with different perspective. Thanks efio for making me do this one. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, looks neat! :wink:

Looks realistic enough

This is great! I like it very much! :slight_smile:

Very cool! I especially like the first one, and nice textures!