SM64 castle grounds level remake

Hi all!
I don’t really use Blender for anything else other than making levels with it.
It’s perfect for level making because of it’s really easy-to-use-and-understand texturing abilities, and the fact that I can export an .X file after words and not have to worry about programmatically texture my level. Anyway, after about an hour of tweaking and texturing, I came up with a remake (sort of ) of Peaches Castle grounds in SM64. It’s not finished yet, I’ll find better textures later and model the castle a little better…I.E., add windows, doors, etc…

After editing the skybox texture to make it brighter, here’s another screenshot from another angle:

And another one. See that brick thing hanging out in the lower right-hand corner? That’s where water is going to be.

you have no idea how much this reminds me of mario 64!

edit: WOW sorry, didn’t read it:)

Glad you like it! I didn’t think it looked like SM64 that much. Wait till I add more detail…

I have done more work on the castle grounds. First, I adjusted the matrix and elevated some points to give it hills, then I added a path texture. Here’s what it looks like:
Also you can see that I lighted the level using programmatic lights in DarkBASIC.
You can also see that I remodeled and re-textured the castle to give it more of an SM64 feel.
Next i added a ramp leading from the lake to the ground. You can hardly see it so I added a black box around it to show you:
THat was actually pretty difficult, because I didn’t have enough vertices to move around.
I got it done though!
And then I added a bridge. It’s nothing like in the original N64 version, but it gets the job done:
Finally, here’s another picture of the castle from a different angle, just to show you what it looks like:
What do you think?


I forgot to mention that it won’t be an actual game at least right now. I’m still having trouble with the collision detection commands in DarkBASIC and I am still working on the lighting arrangement in there, I can’t get the sky to light up properly and all of that.
Also it’s still being worked on and I need to figure out how to make the trees…and then I will basically be done except for adding the windows and doors.

Here’s a fix on the Ambient light, after I figured out what was wrong with it:

Now it’s all bright and cheery like it should be…until Bowser comes along…

Great!. Cant wait to see more. N64 was the lightest console ever. It just seemed full of air. No fans or any active cooling. And cartridge means no load times. I think consoles should return to cartridges. Flash card have more capacities these days.

I don’t quite remember the difference between Bowser and Koopa.

Bowser is the King Koopa, and is REALLY HUGE.
Here’s a pic of him:

Here’s a pic of a Koopa:

Hope this helps!

A pretty small update(s):
The bottom of the bridge had a texturing error which I fixed (even though no one could see it), and I also added a door (finally). IT took me FOREVER to find a texture that I liked well enough to use. Got it from Mayangs free texture library. Here’s the pic:

I think that this is about as good as I’m going to let it get, but my next project is re-creating Bob-Omb Battlefield, and after Whomps Fortress. After that, Little Big Island. But first Bob-omb Battlefield.