Smaick Ultramatic

Hi im rather new at blender, anyways i needed somthing to moddel and i picked my electric guitar. i did it in a couple of hours and its the only moddel i haven’t abboneded, hope you like it.

For a couple of hours work that’s damn good!

You might want to try adding a texture to the strings to give it that wire wrap effect. Also add a chrome material to the nuts and bridge as they look a little plastic.

Keep at it and it’ll look great.

You’ve inspired me to get my guitar out now! I can hear the neighbours groaning already :smiley:

lol thanks. I suck at materials though.

not bad at all.
i think your low E looks like a low B however.

the strings stop suddenly on that plate :wink:

few things i noticed:
*strings look a little thick, even for a really heavy gauge, your High-E looks like it should be a Low-E string
*needs more detail at the bridge, you should add some saddles for the strings. also the action looks a little high.
*look closer at the neck of yourr guitar and youll notice the fretboard is slightly curved, looks dead flat in your image.
*no strap nuts or input jack, unless its the white edge on the far bottom left… if this isnt an input jack it looks like an artifact you should try and get rid of.
*the studs on the pickup look flat, maybe raise them out, i dunno.

this is a nice model, specially for a newbie, i tried modelling my les paul but got bogged down in the bridge details and abandoned it. this is the onl reason i notice these picky details tho :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the comments guys, i agree with all of them except that the studs on the pickup look flat, the things on my pickups that arent flat aren’t very raised up anyways, and oh yea i had to creat the action high because the strings kept going threw the neck. But ill try and fix everything else. I kinda rushed iin order to finish. :smiley:

Ok i tried fixing everything you guys told me 2. Took along time for me to get a chrome material but i did it. I gave up on trying to get rid of that “artifact”.
Do you guys think it looks to cartoony though?

Awsome job the second pic is much better though the third pickup looks a little 2d.

thanks! my second pickup isn’t raised like the first one though. If thats what your talking about.