Small and modern house

I am trying to do a photorealistic exterior scene, I can do something else for this one? what do You think?


This is the second try


The fifth try.


Now with more samples.

New render, 250 samples, cycles.


The evening scene looks nice, bt most of it looks too clean cut- i would suggest adding imperfections to some of the edges

Another render.


The angle the people are walking looks like they just walked through the wall and they are looking at the window like they’re going to go in there. Other than that, Cool!

Looks a bit clean, some dirt here and there would probably add to realism.

Is it made on the base of reference images?

I think that the house is intended to be very introverted, less interesting at the street side and much more open interesting and spacious etc at the garden side.

Thank You for the replies, I will use them, it is supposed to be a new house, I have no reference image, just plan views, this is a render of the sunrise.


New render.