Small and Modern House

I have been working on this project for something like 5 days, my goal is to make photorealistic renders.

Looks great! I suppose u can improve quality by increasing number of samples.

Theres something strange in this render. Maybe u can work on camera. it looks like a small scale house. Usually when you do some architectural renders, especially photorealistic you have to move your camera according to real world. This means that u should move at eye level to make the impression of a tall building. Also i think you have some issues with your glass material. Put some furniture in to give it some depth. Set the sample to highter level and use clamp settings (for exterior render 0.8 - 1.0 should be enought).
This is are my tips for a better rendering. Hope u will find it constructive. Have a nice day!

Thanks for the comments, this picture is for a school mate, She told me She want the camera in a position where it can be possible to see those three volumes up the roof, that´s the reason of that position of the camera, I will check those suggestions. I upgraded the render: