Small animation of character model/Game link

Hey just a really short video of the player

and a link to the game jolt game :slight_smile:
Game link:

Fray Of Heros

Notes: Everything was made from and by me using unity 4.6 Beta (To open the game files you need to have 4.6 with Worldspace GUI)

W,A,S,D - Movement
Mouse - Camera Look
Mouse Left click - dammage block
Mouse right click - pysics box
Double tap W,A,S,D - Dash in direction
Hold Left Shift - Sprint
Space bar - Jump
C - crouch
C,T,Y - Facial expresions
Enter - chat
Escape - Menu

The goal is to kill the other players that join into the game, to test this you can open two running clients of the game and join into the same room.

Custom Comands for admins (to use commands set your name to β€œKilla 24/7”)

to type the commands press enter and type the following upon successfull code input your player should now be able to run, jump and float or fall faster or more

/runspeed, <number>
/jumpheight, <number>
/gravity, <number>
/jumpamount, <number>