Small Bathroom WIP

This is a WIP for a small bathroom made with Blender 2.63 svn and rendered in Cycles for an architectural materials study.

Some objects aren’t mine… there are credits at the end of the post

First shot:



Looks pretty promising !
Bumps are a bit to strong.
I think a DOF is not needed for that Image.
The spot upper right is to bright.

Kind regards

Thanks for the suggestions!
I like the crispness in the bright travertine on the wall so I’m ok with the bump, Maybe the wood is a bit too rough, I’ll correct that.
The upper right spot is too bright and close to the wall indeed…

Some changes and two material configuration

I’ve added a light vignette, photo dispersion and emit glare in compositing, I’m quite satisfacted with the overall effect

Any suggestion?


Second little bathroom for the same architectural material study

Rendered in cycles with also a little directional motion blur for the water drops in the shower