Small Bathroom

This is a bathroom interior scene I made. I would be happy to hear your thoughts and ideas to improve the image. My goal is to achive photorealistic images so i hope to get tips to achive it too.


will other than its a strange looking bathroom i dont think there is something i can say
it looks amazing to me!!!

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Overall it looks very realistic and has a great “fresh and clean” mood. :+1:

I would work on details a little more. For example, I think the plants are way more translucent than in reality especially the big plant in the left corner. Leaves are more translucent than stems. Then, it is the depth of field issue, I can’t tell if everything is in focus or not. A more clear difference there would help and probably a wide-angle camera (too many vertical lines).

But the main issue, in my opinion, is that the image lacks a dominant object, a centered composition has this disadvantage, making the eye go from the bathtub to the closet and back. You’ve made a beautiful bathtub but then put all these objects in front and hide it. Probably the closet is more dominant which is a bit strange for a bathroom. Decide which will be your “hero” object and focus on that.

It’s long, I know, but you asked for it :wink:



I see some cool stuff here.
Just to throw in some stuff for improvement : the curtain would need some more love…
And I don’t quite like the overexposed effect (there’s just too much of it) - are you using filmic for this ?
It might be ok for the window light - but leaving it overburned on the floor and the batchtub just does not help in my opinion.

Anyway this is a really nice render. Perhaps you could make some more shots of the interior and post here.

Keep on blending
Jarek D (DJ)


Hello, thanks for your tips. I tried to rework the scene a bit and here are the results. So I am looking forward to hear what you think.


A whole lot better now!!! :+1:
I added some processing in PS. Mostly desaturated the greens and darkened that corner with the tall plant back there, played a bit with the focus depth and curves.